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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
10945 Shallow Depth Environmental Soil Sampling Kits and Ground Water / Soil-Gas-Vapour Sampling Kits (0-3m) 31/01/2019 10/01/2019 View
10885 Surface Area Analyzer 4 samples port, degassing system includes 30/01/2019 02/01/2019 View
10934 Analytical Balance 30/01/2019 09/01/2019 View
10966 Electrospinning Unit (Supply and Installation) 30/01/2019 16/01/2019 View
10967 Double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Supply & Installation) 30/01/2019 16/01/2019 View
10923 Raman-AFM 29/01/2019 08/01/2019 View
10926 High capacity axial fan and speed controller for 2m x 2m wind tunnel 29/01/2019 08/01/2019 View
10927 Dispersion Stability Analyser 29/01/2019 08/01/2019 View
11002 Name of work A R and M O EI and fans in Hostel area i c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi Sub Head Replacing old 36W CFL fitting with 25W LED post top fitting in garden in Vikramshila Apptt 28/01/2019 23/01/2019 View
11008 Replacing old cable from feeder pillar No-2 to main panel in New Vindhyachal Hostel in west campus 28/01/2019 23/01/2019 View
10902 Supply, integration & installation of Inverted optical microscope 28/01/2019 04/01/2019 View
10914 Functional near Infrared Spectroscopy (FNIR) 28/01/2019 07/01/2019 View
10915 Multijet 3D printer 28/01/2019 07/01/2019 View
10978 Name of work : Renovation in faculty rooms in Physics deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub Head 1: - Providing and fixing false ceiling in MS-437, 430, 319. Sub Head 2: - Providing and fixing sun control film in MS-437, 430, 319 & 431. Sub Head 3: - Providing and fixing roller blind in MS-519, 437, 430, 319, 431 & 530. 28/01/2019 18/01/2019 View
10981 Supplying and laying cable from IBM DG Panel to Main Nursery, Main Nursery to main Gate and Main Gate to Security Booth and tube well in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 28/01/2019 21/01/2019 View
11005 N W AR and MO E I and fans in academic area i c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi SH S I T C of copper plate earthing for block I C department of chemical engineering in academic area at IIT Delhi 25/01/2019 23/01/2019 View
10873 Real Space 5/64 Panoramic Audio/Visual Camera - A rigid spherical microphone array with 5 video camera and 64 microphones. 25/01/2019 28/12/2018 View
10905 - 80oC DEEP FREEZER 25/01/2019 04/01/2019 View
10954 Eddy Current Dynamometer Coupled Automotive CRDI Engine with Open ECU 25/01/2019 11/01/2019 View
10963 A/R and M/O Central AC Plants, Package units, Constant Temp. Cold Rooms, Refrigerators and Water Coolers at IIT Delhi. Sub Head- Annual routine maintenance of water coolers, cold rooms and Central AC Plant of M.S. Building at IIT Delhi. 25/01/2019 16/01/2019 View
10896 200 TB Storage Server 24/01/2019 03/01/2019 View
10922 A/R & M/O Building in Residential area ( East Campus ) During the year 2018-2019. Sub Head : Distempering, Painting and polishing of building in East Campus at IIT Delhi. 24/01/2019 08/01/2019 View
10931 Sub Head - Comprehensive Annual maintenance of energy efficient Central Air-Conditioning Plant of Library Building . at IIT Delhi.(Day to day operation of the plant is not in the scope of this work) 24/01/2019 08/01/2019 View
10952 Portable (Handheld) Landfill Gas Analyzer 24/01/2019 11/01/2019 View
10965 Providing and fixing electrical connection in the Guard Post in A type and West Avenue Guard Post and providing and laying street light cable in Himadri Hostel in Residential Area at IIT Delhi. 24/01/2019 16/01/2019 View
10971 N W Replacement of old switch type panel board with new cubical type panel board in Heavy Structure Laboratory Block V Basement in Academic Area at IIT Delhi 23/01/2019 17/01/2019 View
11001 N/W: AR & MO E.I and fans including street light arrangements in academic area at IIT Delhi.SH : Supplying and laying cable from feeder pillar (Back side of Block-II) to Battery Charger point (Near Cycle stand) in academic area at IIT Delhi. 23/01/2019 23/01/2019 View
10935 Upgradation of poly axial system 23/01/2019 09/01/2019 View
10958 Purchase of Gas Mass flow meter range 0 0 5SCCM Pressure transducer Absolute range 0 3 bar Data acquisition system for above devices 23/01/2019 15/01/2019 View
10964 A.R. & M.O. E.I. & fans in Academic area i/c Street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. S. Head:- Operation and Rescue operation of Goods cum Passenger lifts installed in Academic Blocks at IIT Delhi. 23/01/2019 16/01/2019 View