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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
9740 Purchase of Servo motors and servo drive. 15/05/2018 01/05/2018 View
9762 Name of work : A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head:- Repair and Maintenance work in TX-200 M in Material Science and Engineering Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 14/05/2018 07/05/2018 View
9764 Name of work - A/R and M/O Buildings in Academic Area at IIT Delhi.Sub-Head- Providing and laying ceramic glazed floor tiles in Heavy Structure Lab. in Civil Engg. Deptt. and II-302 in Electrical Engg. Deptt. in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 14/05/2018 07/05/2018 View
9710 Rate Contract for Stationary Items 11/05/2018 24/04/2018 View
9711 Rate Contract for Pre-Printed Stationery Items 11/05/2018 24/04/2018 View
9720 C operated Vacuum diaphragm pump 11/05/2018 25/04/2018 View
9693 A.R and M.O Telephone Exchange at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head- Maintenance of Outdoor and Indoor Telephone Network 11/05/2018 20/04/2018 View
9696 High Pressure Capillary Rheometer 11/05/2018 20/04/2018 View
9725 Name of Work- A/R M/O Planning Unit at I.I.T Delhi. Sub Head- Providing the services of office staff for Civil Planning Division. 10/05/2018 26/04/2018 View
9682 Source Measure Units with preamplifier- Parameter Analyzer 09/05/2018 18/04/2018 View
9685 Glove Box Integrated System 09/05/2018 18/04/2018 View
9680 Infrared Laser 08/05/2018 17/04/2018 View
9681 THz Optical Components and sources (CW) tunable 08/05/2018 17/04/2018 View
9667 Ballistic Grade Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene Fabrics 07/05/2018 16/04/2018 View
9657 Twin Screw Extruder with Mini Injection molding 04/05/2018 13/04/2018 View
9689 Micro pump and its accessories 04/05/2018 19/04/2018 View
9654 Batch Mixer with Single Screw Extruder and Slit Die 03/05/2018 12/04/2018 View
9691 Cold Isostatic press unit and die set 03/05/2018 19/04/2018 View
9645 Freezer 02/05/2018 11/04/2018 View
9646 Covered Programmable Hot Plate with Programmable Controller and Cover Lid 02/05/2018 11/04/2018 View
9683 Tender for Empanelment of Advertising Agencies (For the printing and supply of Pamphlets, Posters, Flex, Banners etc) 02/05/2018 18/04/2018 View
9684 Tender for Empanelment of Catering Services for a period of 2 years 02/05/2018 18/04/2018 View
9709 Name of Work: A.R & M.O. E.I & fans in Hostel area i/c street light arrangement at IIT Delhi. Sub head: Providing miscellaneous work to energize BSES supply in 48Nos Mess karamchari Qtrs. 01/05/2018 24/04/2018 View
9673 Notice inviting quotations for HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653dn J8A04A 27/04/2018 16/04/2018 View
9724 N/W :- A.R. & M.O. Sub -Station at IIT Delhi. SH:- Servicing and overhauling of 11KV VCB type HT Panels and calibration of IDMT/Digital electronic relays in Girnar and LHC Sub-Stations. 27/04/2018 26/04/2018 View
9622 Dynamic Light Scattering/ Particle Size Analyser 26/04/2018 05/04/2018 View
9651 In-cylinder Pressure Transducer and Crank Angle Encoder for Automotive Diesel Engine 26/04/2018 12/04/2018 View
9621 High Resolution OCT Spectrometer and accessories 26/04/2018 05/04/2018 View
9692 Providing and fixing aluminum grill newly constructed lab near SBI ATM at IIT Delhi 25/04/2018 20/04/2018 View
9664 A R and M O E I and fans in academic area ic street light and arrangement at IIT Delhi Sub Head Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of ATS system in academic area 25/04/2018 16/04/2018 View