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NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
834 The last date for Desk mount Monitor arms (30 nos. approx.) as per specs. by the Electrical Engg. department has been extended upto 8th Novomber, 2011. 08/11/2011 31/10/2011 View
848 CORRIGENDUM Reference: This Office NIT No. IITD/DW/24 (E)/EE (E)/2011/49 Dated: 19.09.2011. S/I/T/C Down Commer System, Sprinkler and extension of Fire Fighting water lines of different building at IIT Delhi. 08/11/2011 01/11/2011 View
759 Construction of underground RCC water tank adjacent to Vaishali reservoir in West Campus at IIT Delhi 08/11/2011 14/10/2011 View
810 A/R & M/O Buildings in Academic Area at lIT Delhi. SH: -Job work for Up-keeping & Maintenance of Toilets (160 Nos. Toilets) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 08/11/2011 21/10/2011 View
835 Corrigendum for the extension of last date for Modification of IITD Cretch in east Campus at IIT Delhi. 08/11/2011 31/10/2011 View
813 NIQ FOR Crystal wave module and FDTD Engine by Photon Design 07/11/2011 24/10/2011 View
788 CORRIGENDUM Ref:-NIQ No: IITD/PHYSICS/2011/EP3/MFC-Rev NIQ FOR THERMAL MASS FLOW Controllers 04/11/2011 19/10/2011 View
789 NIQ FOR Downstream Throttle valve,Capacitance manometer,Electronic feedback controller 04/11/2011 19/10/2011 View
809 NIQ FOR Load Cells (Center Hole Type) 04/11/2011 21/10/2011 View
819 CORRIGENDUM Reference: IITD/NRF/2011-12/Maskless-lithography NIQ FOR maskless exposure and lithography system 04/11/2011 25/10/2011 View
820 CORRIGENDUM Reference:IITD/NRF/NIQ/2011 NIQ FOR Table Top Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) With EDS 04/11/2011 25/10/2011 View
821 CORRIGENDUM Reference: NIL NIQ FOR Alternating Gradient Magnetometer 04/11/2011 25/10/2011 View
758 Renovation of V.P. Flats near Faculty Guest House at IIT Delhi. 04/11/2011 14/10/2011 View
836 Corrigendum of NIQ No.726 dated 10.10.2011 for the work procurement of cable reel, plug, socket etc. for academic area at IIT Delhi. 04/11/2011 31/10/2011 View
804 NIQ FOR the supply of One Laptop Computer, One Desktop Computer and One Colored Printer. 04/11/2011 21/10/2011 View
715 NIQ FOR Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) 03/11/2011 11/10/2011 View
776 NIQ FOR Tender for Lunch, High Tea, etc. for participants and faculty of a Training Programme at Vishwakarma Bhawan, I.I.T. Delhi from 14 November 2011 to 23 December 2011 (Total number of Participant about 30) 03/11/2011 18/10/2011 View
779 NIQ FOR TABLET 03/11/2011 18/10/2011 View
780 NIQ FOR Blade Server and Switch Module 03/11/2011 18/10/2011 View
796 NIQ FOR complete MAGNETOSTRICTION KIT for teaching laboratory experiment 03/11/2011 20/10/2011 View
812 NIQ FOR Digital Photocopier 03/11/2011 21/10/2011 View
766 NIQ for 3D Laser Scanner 02/11/2011 17/10/2011 View
777 NIQ FOR two Hot Air Ovens 02/11/2011 18/10/2011 View
778 NIQ FOR one Vacuum Oven 02/11/2011 18/10/2011 View
790 NIQ FOR upgradation of Dell Power Edge M1000e Enclosure by adding (6-8 Nos.) Blade Server for existing Chasis 02/11/2011 19/10/2011 View
800 Making of New Faculty Rooms in Block No.V/ 325 in Civil Engg. Deptt., Academic Area at IIT Delhi. 02/11/2011 20/10/2011 View
786 CORRIGENDUM REF NO:NIL NIQ FOR Cryo-transmission electron microscope 02/11/2011 19/10/2011 View
750 NIQ FOR Supply of Desktop PCs with Buyback 01/11/2011 14/10/2011 View
721 Providing and laying water' supply line form Tube Well No.6 to fencing of play ground (Opposite Bharti School Building) in Academic Area at IIT Delhi.. 01/11/2011 13/10/2011 View