PhD research

Research title Abstract
Studies on Mechanical Properties of Laminated Bamboo Composites View/Download
Charged particle acceleration and Up/Down conversion of intense short pulse laser coupled to plasmas and nanotubes View/Download
Investigations on the Dynamic Behavior of Grid Connected Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems View/Download
Control Strategies for Distributed Generation Based Micro-grids View/Download
Assessment and enhancement of psychological well-being of married migrant women in selected villages of Haryana View/Download
Repositioning the upper extremity of finite element human body model View/Download
Capital gain:exploring the role of different capitals in individuals career achievement. View/Download
Theoretical and Experimental Studies for Development and Optimization of Liquid Chromatography Steps for Purification of a Biotherapeutic Protein View/Download
Drying and Preservation of Selected Non-Conventional Vegetables (Bamboo Shoot and MushroomHROOM) View/Download
Synthesis and characterization of metal oxide nanoparticles and nanostructured for dye sensitized solar cell applications View/Download
Control of Single Stage Voltage Source Inverter-FED Photovoltaic Water Pump: Simulation and Micro Controller Based Hardware Implementation View/Download
Competitive Diffusion in Social Networks View/Download
Study on Value addition of milk for rural entrepreneurial development View/Download
Investigations on formability of AA 5182 Aluminium alloy in hydroforming of square cups View/Download
Studies on Long-Lived States and Coherences in Liquid State NMR View/Download
Evaluation of the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Hydrogen Fuelled SI Engine Using Concurrent Induction Mechanism View/Download
Studies on uniaxial tensile strength of cotton woven fabrics View/Download
Global-Local Theories for Smart Piezolaminated Plates and Shells View/Download
Development of essential oil based formulation for house fly control View/Download
Some Studies on Misaligned Rotor Supported on Rolling Element Bearings View/Download
Modelling of Piezo-Structure Elastodynamic Interaction Through Bond Layer for Electro-Mechanical Impedance Technique View/Download
Organochalcogen ligated palladium(ii) and palladium(0) for carbon?carbon coupling reactions View/Download
Investigation of Blistering and Exfoliation Phenomena in Hydrogen-Implanted Semiconductors for Potential Layer Transfer Applications View/Download
Studies on Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils and Sediments of an Urban Industrial Cluster using Environmetric Methods and Risk Assessment Approach View/Download
Development of modified bamboo fiber reinforced plastic nanocomposites and study of their dielectric, mechanical and thermal properties View/Download