PhD research

Research title Abstract
Modelling and characterization of 3d woven solid structures and their composites View/Download
Studies on three phase partitioning of proteins View/Download
Liquid-liquid equilibria and microchannel extraction studies for separation of aromatics from hydrocarbon mixtures View/Download
Effect of Structural Modifications on Electrical Properties of NASICON Material and Its Application as Potentiometric Sensor View/Download
Non-intrusive objective speech quality assessment using features at single and multiple time-scales View/Download
Investigation of multi-doped ceria as cathode material for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells View/Download
Chalcopyrite and Hybrid Semiconductors Synthesized by Non-vacuum Based Methods View/Download
Studies on preparation and characterization of electro-conductive textiles by in situ electrochemical polymerization of pyrrole View/Download
Affinity Driven Distributed Scheduling Framework for Parallel Computation View/Download
Magnetic Materials for GHz Frequency Devices View/Download
Enzyme catalyzed transglycosylation for synthesis of alkyl-glucosides and oligosaccharides using cell bound alpha-glucosidase from Microbacterium sp. View/Download
Development of Novel Expression Systems in Escherichia coli and Corynebacteria View/Download
Studies on multi-constituent nonwoven air filter media View/Download
Studies on Melt Processable ,Alkanedisulfonic Acid Doped Polyaniline and its Thermoplastics Composites View/Download
Studies on Hybrid Optical Amplifiers and Fiber Gratings for Applications in the 1550 nm Wavelength Window View/Download
Approximation algorithms for covering and packing problems on paths View/Download
Studies on Preparation of Biocomposite Scaffolds for Small Diameter Blood Vessel regeneration View/Download
Studies on orientation effect and locational variation in mechanical and fracture properties of cortical bone by NITIN KUMAR SHARMA student of Prof D. K. Sehgal and R. K. Pandey View/Download
Wide-field low coherence interference microscopy for quantitative imaging of biological and industrial objects View/Download
AF MIMO Relaying with Estimated CSI View/Download
Friction Stir Welding of Stainless Steel View/Download
Active Vibration Control of Smart Plates and Shells Considering Piezoelectric Nonlinearity View/Download
A methodology for warranty optimization and negotiation with specific focus on reliability and warranty attractiveness View/Download
Sculptured silver thin films by glancing angle deposition: synthesis, wetting behavior and surface enhanced fluorescence study View/Download
Improvements in energy and ancillary services optimization in electricity markets View/Download