PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
GAJENDRANATH CHAUDHURY CH Department of Electrical Engineering Circuits and systems for sub-micro watt energy harvesting 09/09/2016
PALLAVI NARAYAN Humanities & Social Sciences Pamuk's Istanbul: Everyday Architecture 08/09/2016
SATYENDRA KUMAR Department of Chemistry Organochalcogen Ligated/Stabilized Palladium and Ruthenium Species: Catalysts for Organic Reactions 02/09/2016
RATYAKSHI Department of Textile Technology ZnO Nanostructure Reinforced Composite Fibers 02/09/2016
AMIT KUMAR Department of Civil Engineering Hazard Rating of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Dumps Considering Potential for Contamination of Air, Surface Water and Ground Water 01/09/2016
AMIT SINGHANIA Department of Chemical Engineering Studies on catalytic decomposition of hydrogen iodide for hydrogen production in thermochemical sulphur - iodine (SI) cycle. 31/08/2016
CHINTHALA SUMANTH Department of Civil Engineering Near Field Simulation of PM10 Dispersion in open pit mines 29/08/2016
SUNIL KUMAR Department of Chemical Engineering Carbon Nano-tube Engendered Polymer Organization 26/08/2016
ASHISH PUROHIT Department of Mechanical Engineering Aeroacoustics of Vibrating Structure in Flow 25/08/2016
AMIT TYAGI Department of Mechanical Engineering Characterization And Suppression Of IR Signatures Emitted By Hot Exhaust Plume Using Water Mist 24/08/2016
MANISH JAIN Department of Chemical Engineering Separation of sulfur compounds from FCC gasoline by pervaporation 24/08/2016
DHIRENDRA YADAV Department of Chemistry Coinage metal(I) halide complexes stabilized through germylenes and germanechalcogenones 24/08/2016
MUKESH KUMAR DUBEY ITMMEC Development and Performance Evaluation of Polytetrafluoroethylene based Nano and Micro-Oils 19/08/2016
DINESH SETTI Department of Mechanical Engineering Performance Improvement in Grinding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy and modelling of surface roughness 19/08/2016
SUSHRANT MONGA Department of Electrical Engineering Design of the wireline communication receivers for multi-gigabit data rates 17/08/2016
RICHA SHARMA Department of Computer Science & Engineering A semi Automated approach to support Logical Formalism for Requirement Analysis and Validation 16/08/2016
ARUN PARAKH Department of Computer Science & Engineering Performance Estimation and Mapping of Applications onto GPUs 16/08/2016
DANISH MD Department of Applied Mechanics Lagrangian Tracking, Analysis And Modeling Of Velocity-Gradient Dynamics In Compressible Turbulence 10/08/2016
PUSHPENDRA SINGH Department of Electrical Engineering Some Studies On A Generalized Fourier Expansion For Nonlinear And Nonstationary Time Series Analysis 09/08/2016
VIJAYA SINGH Department of Civil Engineering Characterization And Treatment Of Municipal Landfill Leachate With Focus On Simultaneous Carbon And Nitrogen Removal 05/08/2016