PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
AJIT KUMAR PARWANI Department of Mechanical Engineering Development of an efficient model for inverse conjugate heat transfer problems 04/11/2013
MS. MOHINI GUPTA Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Optical Techniques for Biomolecular Sensing 01/11/2013
MAJEED M Department of Electrical Engineering Studies on Parameter Estimation and Contraction based Controller Design of Aircraft System 30/10/2013
SANGITA PAUL Department of Textile Technology Silver nanoparticle dispersions for antimicrobial finishing of textiles 25/10/2013
DEEPAK KUMAR Department of Civil Engineering Metaheuristic multi-objective optimization for in-situ bioremediation of groundwater 23/10/2013
SANT AMIT VILAS Department of Electrical Engineering Novel Speed Control Techniques for the Vector Controlled PMSM Drive 23/10/2013
MONIKA Centre for Energy Studies Laser plasma interaction and terahertz (THZ) field emission 23/10/2013
PRINCE A Department of Electrical Engineering Monitoring and Control of Power System Inter-Area Oscillations using Wide Area Measurement Systems 22/10/2013
DALJIT KAUR Department of Physics Synthesis and Study of Structurally Tailored Magnetic Nanowires 22/10/2013
ANAND VERDHEN Department of Civil Engineering Snow and Glacier Melt Simulation for Hydrology in a Typical Himalayan Watershed 21/10/2013
ANNIE MATHEW Humanities & Social Sciences 'The Discourse of Education: Re-Examining the Concept of Inclusion Via a Study of the Narratives of School Children and the Indian State' 21/10/2013
SURAJBHAN SEVDA Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Microbial fuel cell coupled anaerobic waste water treatment 18/10/2013
APURVA KUMAR Department of Computer Science & Engineering Modeling and Analyzing Web Protocols for Trust and Secrecy 18/10/2013
SANJEEV YADAV Department of Chemical Engineering Short-term scheduling of refinery operations 18/10/2013
VUDDANTI SANDEEP Department of Electrical Engineering Investigations on Renewable Energy Based Single Phase Power Generation Using Self Excited Induction Generators 18/10/2013
JEEVANAND S. Department of Electrical Engineering Intelligent condition monitoring of induction machines 17/10/2013
ABHISHEK SHARMA Centre for Rural Development & Technology Nematode Control through Biological Means 15/10/2013
BHARTI CHAWRE Department of Civil Engineering An exploration of the sustainable policy for the development of India's water to meet future challenges 15/10/2013
M.SULTAN M.SIDDIQUI Department of Electrical Engineering Modeling Disparity and Surface Slant Selectivity in Primary Visual Cortex 15/10/2013
ADITI GUPTA Centre for Rural Development & Technology An Integrrated Approach for Mahua Seed Cake Utilization 15/10/2013