PhD Viva

Student Name Deptt/Centre/School Title Date
DEBASIS KUMAR MAHAPATRA Centre for Atmospheric Science Modelling of Coastal Ocean Processes along the Indian Coasts 05/10/2012
SAMIR CHABRA ITMMEC Enhanced depot level maintenance of defense aerospace assets through supply chain management transformation 03/10/2012
THAKER TEJASKUMAR PRAKASHCHANDRA Department of Civil Engineering Seismic Hazard Analysis and Microzonation Studies for Surat City and Surrounding Region, Gujarat, India 28/09/2012
H.V.C.CHARY GUNTUPALLI Centre for Energy Studies Studies on the technique of Oil agglomeration for beneficiation and Recovery of Coal Fines 27/09/2012
SHRIMALI HITESHBHAI KANTILAL Department of Electrical Engineering Theory, Analysis and Design of a Discrete-Time Parametric Amplifier and its Variants 24/09/2012
GANESAN M. Department of Chemistry Divergent Synthesis of Novel Five-membered, Six-membered and Bridged Bicyclic Iminocyclitols 24/09/2012
MANIKA GUPTA Department of Civil Engineering A Study on Pesticide Mobility and Persistence for Geo-environmental Pollution 24/09/2012
SMITA CHUGH(NEE GUPTA) Centre for Rural Development & Technology Strategising an Eco-Friendly Rural Housing Alternative using Bamboo Paraboloic Infill Arches as Load Bearing Elements 17/09/2012
MOHD. ZAHEER KHAN YUSUFZAI Department of Applied Mechanics Friction Stir Welding of Steel 13/09/2012
HEMANI KAUSHAL Department of Electrical Engineering Performance Evaluation of Ground to Satellite Optical Communication Optical Link and Strategies for Performance Improvement 10/09/2012
DIPTI KULKARNI Humanities & Social Sciences Phatic Communion in Instant Messaging: A Pragmatics Perspective 06/09/2012
AMIT KUMAR Centre for Rural Development & Technology Antimicrobial Activity of Selected Botanicals Against Food Spoiling Microorganisms 06/09/2012
PRATIBHA GUPTA Centre for Rural Development & Technology In vitro studies on Stevia rebaudiana for Steviol Glycoside production 04/09/2012
R.G SANGEETHA Department of Electrical Engineering Studies on reverse, bi-directional and 4x4 data vortex optical multistage interconnection network 28/08/2012
CYRIL AUGUSTINE V Department of Chemistry Formulation and Analysis of Two-Pulse Phase Modulation Based Heteronuclear Dipolar Decoupling Sequences in NMR 24/08/2012
BENI RAM RAWAL Department of Mechanical Engineering Design and development of anatomical cementless femoral stem based on anthropometric data of indian population 23/08/2012
TULSI ANNA Centre for Instrument Design & Development Full-Field Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Microscopy For Simultaneous Topography and Tomography of Engineering and Biological Materials. 23/08/2012
MALVIKA GUPTA Humanities & Social Sciences Systems Theory and Literary Analysis: The Second-Generation Indo-American Fiction of Jhumpa Lahiri, Rishi Reddi and Shauna Singh Baldwin 22/08/2012
SWAGATA PAYRA Centre for Atmospheric Science Fog Prediction using Numerical and Statistical Models 21/08/2012
SHUKLA PAL Department of Chemical Engineering Modeling transport of dissolved organic (biodegradable) portion of MSW landfill leachate through unsaturated soil (vadose zone) 16/08/2012