PRIZM+ : Pocket Spectrophotometer Renewable Energy Storage in Redox Flow Battery for Sustainable Environment New Department @ IITD: Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) IITD researchers devise method for improving the usability of donated corneas NCTU-IIT Delhi workshop : Strengthening academic and research ties between India and Taiwan SIGMOD reproducibility award for 2018



Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) PG Admission GIAN Course CEP: Short Term Course TEQIP-III Short Term Course CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMME @ IITD Short Term Programme on "Many-Core Parallel Programme" TEQIP-III programme SHORT TERM COURSE ON "NOT FOR PROFIT MARKETING" TEQIP-III: MODERN INFORMATION AND CODING THEORY CEP-GIAN: QUANTITATIVE MICROBIAL  RISK ASSESSMENT Flyash Management System For Thermal Power Plants CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMME @ IITD Executive Programme in Data and Decision Sciences Consulting Short term course on Financial Institutions and Markets Short term course on Finance for Non-Finance Executives Certificate course in Business Management

Ph.D Seminar

ABHIMANYU POPLI -- 21/05/2018 SHILPI SHITAL -- 22/05/2018