Twitter CEO in IIT Delhi

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of social media platform Twitter has stressed on the importance of imbibing self-awareness for mapping a successful trajectory in life.

Addressing a town hall meet at IIT Delhi during his first visit to India, he said: “It all goes back to self-awareness. Pick up a few skills and master them. For me it was programming. I learnt what was necessary to take the next step. It felt amazing. Finding a purpose and mastering some skills, we need them both.”

On the role of formal education system for inculcating the entrepreneurial mindset he said: “I dropped out of college but that was because I wanted to build my own ideas. Everyone learns in a completely different way. It is all about building self-awareness. We need to optimize on this. We need to find the problems and work on something that fixes the problems.”

The deeper you go into questions like why the problem exists, he said the more chances were that you get to something fundamental.” If you can make or change the life of ten people it will be categorized a success.”

Emphasizing on the need to pay attention to social norms he said efforts should be made to make them better. “Whatever we can do with the help of technology, we should do. Global cooperation is needed, especially for subjects like climate change and artificial intelligence.”

Acknowledging the pivotal role artificial intelligence would play in the coming times, he said: “The algorithms will be in a position where they will understand us. You can feel it happening. We are going to shift our decisions to algorithms and devices”

Asked on what was his favourite Hashtag he said: "One of my favourite is trending topics. Hashtags represent conversations. Anyone can join the conversation by simply tweeting it. Likewise, anyone can leave it. It is a very powerful tool."

Fake news as a category, he said is way too big. “The critical problem that arises from fake news and misinformation is that it can lead people to take an action. Our job is to identify the misinformation. The misinformation can be in the form of jokes. We need to know the intent behind the information. This is a multi-variable problem, something like a security. No one can build a lock that no one can break.”

The meet was hosted by the Corporate Relations and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT Delhi.