IIT Delhi joins Heritage Network: An Indo-European network of Technical Higher Education Institutions

IIT Delhi was inducted as a member of the Heritage Network on May 27, 2019. As Dean of International Programmes, IIT Delhi, Prof Sanjeev Sanghi represented the institute in the General Assembly meeting of the network being held at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal.

HERITAGE was once a successful Erasmus Mundus Project between the EU and India. After the project ended, partner institutions made a decision to sustain the collaborative activities with the formation of the Heritage Network.

Ecole Centrale Nantes is currently running the "Heritage Network" with 19 leading Technical institutions - represented both by the EU and Indian partners.

The Heritage Network is a consortium of 25 leading technical Higher Education Institutions jointly engaged in cooperations through academic activities addressing common priorities of national interest and well-being.

The network aims at achieving these goals by identifying partner institutions, implementing joint research projects, academic and research exchanges, industry partnerships.

The network is managed and administered by the Heritage Network General Assembly (GA) - a governing body of elected representatives of the partner institutions.


  • Create a research and education network focused on Engineering, Science, Design and Technology
  • Develop academic and research exchanges between partner institutions, and foster high level educational programmes in Engineering, Sciences, Design and Technology
  • Promote mobility both for students, researchers, academics and administrative staff
  • Promote bilateral mobility agreements (for courses, thesis works, internships, double degree programs)
  • Facilitate the creation of joint programs
  • Organize workshops on scientific and technical topics of mutual interest
  • Be a reference for the European and Indian governments to gain influence in higher education and research cooperation internationalization policies
  • Be a reference for Europe and India to gain influence among European, Indian and international corporations and in national, continental and global economic policies.
  • Contribute to the mutual enrichment of societies by developing the qualifications of men and women so that they possess appropriate skills, particularly as regards the labour market, and are open-minded and internationally experienced.

4th June, 2019