IIT Delhi – CERN collaboration

At CERN Geneva, 104 km tunnel with superconducting magnet at lowest possible temp and highest possible vacuum. An Engineering marvel.

In an effort to widen the collaboration with CERN, a five member delegation from IIT Delhi visited CERN recently.

The two day visit from June 14, touched on a host of topics and delineated steps to build stronger associations in the field of high energy physics and various engineering disciplines. The IIT delegation consisted of Dean R&D B R Mehta, Santanu Ghosh, Jitendra Khatait, Manan Suri and V Ravishankar.

CMS spokesperson Joel Butler presented a brief summary of the current status of the standard model, current capabilities of CMS detector and future plans.

Dean R&D B R Mehta also gave a presentation of the activities and accomplishments of IITD faculty and how the institute would be a strong and useful collaborator. An MOU – an expression of mutual interest – was signed by the Dean R&D, and the Spokesperson, CMS to initiate a collaboration between IITD and the CMS group.

The deputy spokesperson of collaboration, ALICE at CERN, also expressed an interest to collaborate with IITD. CMS spokesperson highlighted the importance of

  1. Manufacture of silicon detectors for the End Cap calorimeter,
  2. Testing the sensors,
  3. Radiation Management,
  4. Remote handling and inspections using Robotics,
  5. Big data analysis,
  6. Employing neural networks and Fuzzy logic,
  7. Machine learning for smart and fast decisions and
  8. Simulations as important areas of activity at CMS.

It was strongly felt that there is a large scope of collaborations with faculty from various science and engineering departments. It was also agreed to open opportunities for IITD students at UG, PG and PhD levels to participate in projects at CERN through internships and collaborations.