Flexibility Assessment and Enhancement for Strengthening the Grid for Large Scale Renewable Integration


Dr. Nilanjan Senroy (PI) and Dr. Abhijit R. Abhyankar (Co-PI), EE Dept., IIT Delhi

The integration of solar and wind energy into the power grids at bulk power levels brings with it many new challenges, with the grid experiencing vastly different operating conditions throughout the year, stressing network resources in unforeseen ways. This project looks at the impact of such integration on the grid operations – chiefly its ability to tolerate uncertainty and disturbances while accommodating large amounts of widely dispersed renewable energy. The flexibility of the grid is a matter of great interest for both grid operators who invest in maintaining and enhancing it, and power producers whose ability to connect to the grid is largely decided by how flexible the point of connection is. Lack of meeting grid flexibility requirements may lead to severe reliability and economic consequences for both.

In this context, it is the aim of this project to define and quantify the flexibility of any power grid. Such a definition can then be used to analyse the need and implication of deploying grid strengthening mechanisms such as damping controllers, parallel transmission circuits (such as green power corridors as envisaged by Power Grid Corp.) etc. Apart from engineering solutions, market based solutions would also be explored to distribute the cost of grid strengthening among various participating stakeholders.

The findings of the proposal would help grid planners, regulators and operators to realize an integrated solution so that large chunks of renewable energy could be integrated smoothly.