IITD researchers developing plant based protein rich ‘mock meat’ India launches PhD fellowship programmes at IITs for ASEAN countries. IITD  researchers developing technology  to avert collision of locomotives with elephants on rail tracks Startup@IITD::Affordable tactile based  solutions for visually impaired Research team in IITD develops method to convert plastic waste into liquid fuel IITD  startup develops pigeon repellant spray IITD Industry Day 2019 brings together more than 500 industry experts and 100 faculty members 50th Annual Convocation on November 2, 2019 IITD researchers developing technology to reuse water after checking pathogens


50th Annual Convocation on November 2, 2019 MEA's ITEC programme Biogas production, power generation and upgradation for vehicular application

Ph.D Seminar

NEHA SENGUPTA -- 23/09/2019 KIRTIKA VERMA -- 23/09/2019 MINAKSHI KUMARI -- 23/09/2019 DALI RAMU BURADA -- 24/09/2019 PRAGATI AASHNA -- 25/09/2019 KULDEEP KUMAR -- 25/09/2019 AKHILESH MISHRA -- 26/09/2019 PRIYADARSHI MUKHERJEE -- 27/09/2019 USHA RAO -- 27/09/2019 MAHIN ESMAEILZAEI -- 27/09/2019 SWATI BHAMU -- 01/10/2019 ANUJ KUMAR SHUKLA -- 01/10/2019 ANAMIKA SINGH -- 03/10/2019

CEP Programme

Short Term Course on "Machine Learning for Engineering Applications Short Term Course on "Biomass to Energy and Other Value-added Products Short Term Course on "Introduction to THz Technology and Modern Applications Short Term Course on "Mind, Meditation and Human Values – A Scientific Perspective Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting CEP-Gian Course: Atomistic Simulations of Materials CEP-GIAN Course: Transportation Systems: Dynamics and Control for Traffic, Vehicles, and Pedestrians CEP-GIAN Course: Seismic Design of Steel Structures TEQIP‐III Short Term Course TEQIP‐III Short Term Course Short Term Course on "Environmental Sustainability through Microorganism" Short Term Course on "Fracture Mechanics: Linear Elasticity & FEM"