Dhruv: IIT Delhi mentoring top 30 science students from across the country Empower 2019: An Assistive Technology Conference showcasing technologies for specially abled Distinguished Alumni Award 2019 : Dr. Mohit Aron Interview with Prof. Kirk R. Smith IITD Participates in FSG'19 Distinguished Alumni Award 2019 : Prof Srinivasan Keshav Combating Antibacterial Resistance Distinguished Alumni Service Award 2019: Mr. Arun Duggal 50th Annual Convocation on November 2, 2019 Research@IITD :When waste is converted to wealth Startup@ IITD: Empowering people with special needs Miniature chips use sound and light to improve Wireless communications Interview with Mr. Binny  Bansal


50th Annual Convocation on November 2, 2019 MEA's ITEC programme Biogas production, power generation and upgradation for vehicular application

Ph.D Seminar

NEETU JINDAL -- 22/10/2019 IEEBA KHAN -- 22/10/2019 RUCHIKA BHAT -- 22/10/2019 RIYA BHOWMIK -- 22/10/2019 Vipin Dhyani -- 22/10/2019 MAYANK SHARMA -- 22/10/2019 SAKSHI CHAUHAN -- 22/10/2019 SAURABH SHUKLA -- 23/10/2019 BS BHARGAVARAM -- 23/10/2019 AYAN DEBNATH -- 23/10/2019 KOMAL SHUKLA -- 23/10/2019 SANCHI ARORA -- 24/10/2019 MD SAMSU ALAM -- 24/10/2019 POONAM -- 24/10/2019 NILESH DADASAHEB PAWAR -- 24/10/2019 MANIAR MUDASSIR AZIZAHMED -- 25/10/2019 SUSHANTA KUMAR PAL -- 25/10/2019 DUSHYANT SHARMA -- 25/10/2019

CEP Programme

Short Term on Introduction to THz Technology and Modern Applications Certificate course in "Business Management (Focus: Digital Marketing)" TEQIP - III Short Term Course by CRDT, IIT Delhi Certificate Program on "Marketing of Goals, Initiatives & Causes (MAGIC)" Short Term Course on "Machine Learning for Engineering Applications Short Term Course on "Biomass to Energy and Other Value-added Products Short Term Course on "Introduction to THz Technology and Modern Applications Short Term Course on "Mind, Meditation and Human Values – A Scientific Perspective Executive Programme in "Data and Decision Sciences Consulting CEP-GIAN Course: Transportation Systems: Dynamics and Control for Traffic, Vehicles, and Pedestrians CEP-GIAN Course: Seismic Design of Steel Structures TEQIP‐III Short Term Course TEQIP‐III Short Term Course Short Term Course on "Environmental Sustainability through Microorganism"